How to Choose Bouquets for New Moms

September 9, 2021

Becoming a mother is a sacrifice. Mothers give their time and a piece of their hearts to share their little one with the next generation. Every person reading this post is doing so because a mother gave us part of herself. Isn’t it time to return the favor?

Choosing the correct bouquet for new mothers may seem difficult, but at FTD, flowers are our specialty. Our in-depth article will make selecting the correct blooms as joyful as that baby she will introduce you to.

Choosing Flowers for Mom & Baby

Why Not Try Birth Flowers?

It’s a celebration of life. A great way to show support is by celebrating the newborn as well as our new mother. One of the best ways to do this is to select flowers based on the month her new edition enters the world. 

Each month of the year has a corresponding flower. March for example is daffodils and April daisies and sweet peas. Consult a full list of birth flowers for more information on their meanings and pairings.

Tip: Find out your mother-to-be’s birth month as well. With a little imagination and attention to detail you can create a personalized bouquet that shows you understand the eternal connection between mother and her child.

Flowers For All Genders

You may have been in attendance during their gender reveal party. You might be waiting for the birth just like the parents. But no matter who is joining the family in that hospital room, we have the flowers to show your support.

Traditional flowers for baby boys lean toward the color blue. Hygengias make for a wonderful addition to an arrangement. Also, they can be seeded in the backyard. Their brilliant blue blooms represent peace, love and tranquility. 

For baby girls, try pink roses. Always a staple, pink roses represent love, gentleness and appreciation. They also pair nicely with babies breath in a bouquet. If roses seem too common we suggest pink chrysanthemums or carnations.

If the new baby’s gender is unknown or neutral there are plenty of options to brighten their new nursery. Sunflowers are associated with joy and rebirth. They also make a terrific centerpiece in a home while remaining gender neutral.

New Moms flower gifts

Same Day Flowers For New Moms

She has gone through a great ordeal to become a mother. Don’t be afraid to go big with her flower display. When trying to brighten a room, lilies, tulips and dahlias work wonders. 

If you’re looking for a spectacular new mom flower display, roses make a huge statement. Twelve or more fragrant roses can be a colorful touchstone in a hospital room or bedroom. 

Looking for something more understated? We suggest a fresh potted orchid. They are beautiful, resilient and elegant just like your new mother. Tasteful free standing flowers can stand out in a room full of beautiful bundles.

Flowers For Her Supporters

While it is not commonly considered, many people were behind the scenes making sure your new mother always had support in her birthing process. Nurses, doctors, and grandparents are just a few that come to mind. Sometimes giving a gift to them shows support for mothers as well.

For hospital staff, try small succulents. These hearty plants resemble our health care heroes: resilient, strong and crucial to their environment.  Also, they are small and decorate a home or work office perfectly. 

Grandparents tend to flock around the maternity ward. If you’re looking to say thank you to these proud smiling faces, the official flowers of mommas and poppas are lilies. All varieties pair well but stargazers make a nice touch.

Celebrate Motherhood with FTD Flowers

The miracle of birth has forever been linked to the life cycle of flowers. That is perhaps why giving flowers to mark the occasion of a birth feels so appropriate: They remind us to live in the moment.

Gifts are a representation of our love. As long as you give with that in mind, you can’t go wrong. Birth months, favorite colors, the baby’s name and gender can all impact your decision on which flowers to buy in a heartfelt way. 

Finally, be there for your new mother. This event just changed the world forever. Beside your beautiful gift, ask if you can help load the car home from the hospital.  Perhaps assist with the installation of the car seat. This can take so much stress off new parents.

Nothing is more stressful than trying to find a florist on the way to the birth. If you are in a pinch and don’t have time to plan the perfect gift, try our FTD Canada same day delivery feature.