Flowers for Students and Graduates: FTD’s 5 Inspirational Ideas

The Etiquette of Giving Students Flowers and Gifts

It’s a celebration of self improvement. 

We all need people behind us, cheering us to the finish line. At the finish lines, there have always been flowers. 

It helps remind us to be proud of how far we have come.

For generations, flowers have reminded us that accomplishments and rewards take time and commitment. They ground us solidly in our moments and tell us to take stock of the beauty in your success.

We will show you in this article when to give flowers and gifts, what to select and who to present them to. 


The younger we start encouraging success in education, the further we can go together. That is why even our 8-13 year olds can prosper from encouragement and recognition.

For younger pupils, carnations and sunflowers typically bring smiles and a feeling of pride. Carnations also come in many colors to match their favorite moods or school insignia. 

Once students reach their teen years, roses and lilies tend to capture the emotions of the moment. These flowers feel more mature to teenagers. 

Go the extra mile and have your bouquets wrapped for the occasion. Same day flower delivery across Canada allows for great presentation and a feeling of importance for your proud pupil.

With your bouquet, try giving an experience. Whether it’s the start of the school year or the end, neighborhood restaurants make for a great celebration spot with their friends. Give a gift card so they may hold court. 

Do yourself a personal favor and start gathering pictures of each start of the school year and it’s conclusion. This will allow you to make much more personalized gifts as time marches on.



Many people over the age of 25 are returning to university to continue their education. They deserve celebration as much as their younger counterparts.

For your more mature student, small potted plants can help symbolize their growth and achievement. Similar to their education, succulents, bonsai‘s and money trees can act as a token of how far they have come.

Consider shadowboxing the programs and tickets to their graduation. Ask if you could borrow the ceremonial degree to make an art piece for them.

Many of us will not celebrate our own goals so it’s important that we do that for one another. Don’t be afraid to shower them with attention. Education isn’t easy and they should be proud of themselves. 

How and When Do I Give Students Gifts?

Many of us want to congratulate our students but are unsure of when it is appropriate to do so.

Though less common, giving small gifts at the start of an educational season does help encourage performance. 

Associating the start of the year with joy pushes young minds to achieve.

Single stem roses or orchids symbolize rebirth. Alongside a handwritten card of encouragement, little displays of love help excite your recipients.

For graduations, it’s never wrong to go big. Wreaths, sprays, and sashes go well with grand ceremonial displays. Don’t be afraid to adorn your graduate with floral wreaths or boutonnières. These gifts can also be timeless if you learn to preserve them correctly!

Oftentimes graduates are asked to pay for their own tassels, mortar boards and gowns. Also ceremonial degrees can also cost students money. 

If you can get a hold of the graduation company and give a gift certificate or help them by reimbursing for their purchase you may help them enjoy their moments more.

If you are looking for unique gift opportunities, look into gift gathering sites like Honeyfund.com where you can give towards an experience or a savings fund.

If they are a graduate, think outside the box. Nameplates, gift certificates for business cards or self-promotion materials can encourage forward motion for your new degree holder.

Inspiring Your Students with FTD Canada

Remember when you’re giving gifts to students that education can feel very lonely at times. It is a pursuit of self fulfillment and therefore ultimately must be done alone. 

Showing you are behind your children, friends, family and coworkers helps them to remember why they continue to study. 

When in doubt, remember you can never fail by being sincerely proud. Gifts that remind the recipient of their relationship with you and your support of their goals can never be wrong.

It’s never too late to send a gift, even if it’s the day of FTD and our same day delivery service will make sure your student or graduate gets the celebration they deserve!