FTD Canada’s Top Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers

We know pets are part of the family. How can you show the people who love pets that we love them too?

Gifts For Pet Lovers

It takes your whole heart to care for an animal. Our communication with pets is done mostly through demonstrations of love. 

Pet owners are some of the most affectionate and devoted people on the planet. They will do anything to make sure their animal has the best life possible.

In this article we will show you how to help make your pet lover and their furry companions a little happier this giving season. 

Here are FTD Canada’s best gift ideas for pet lovers!

1. The Pet Portrait

Nothing will brighten the day of the pet owner like a work of art commissioned to honor their companion. Most pet owners know for sure that their pet is the cutest. Help them prove it.

Companies like or small businesses like specialize in creating these masterpieces. All you need is a photo of their pet which, if you know them, is easy to obtain.


Sure, they make a mess. It comes with pet ownership. Show those fur baby parents that they don’t have to clean the hard way.  Portable dusters for the home or car are always a welcomed tool. Both Bissel and Black+Decker make hand held devices for under $100 that make clean up quick and cordless. 

Another helpful idea is the OXO Furlifter Lint Brush. It’s self cleaning holder and long panel make it ideal for furniture and clothes and saves money on tape based lint rollers.


Animals love the winter too, if they have the right apparel. Here are some gifts to keep their little nuggets toasty.

For dog owners, FurHaven or PugRug make wonderful soft throw cushions that soothe and cradle your pup. 

For cat owners, Comfy Pet Beds make a plush kitten paradise for large or small cats and puppies. When in doubt just go big and soft. 


Have a friend who has a hard time leaving their loved one home alone? Maybe you can help with that. Furbo has a product that allows you to watch your pet at home from anywhere over the internet from your phone. This device can add peace of mind to any worried parent. 

For even more security, perhaps a GPS pet collar can help. These devices are near the $100 mark but an unforgettable gift for any animal lover. Collars are available that are custom made for Apple Air Tags.

Really want to impress your paw-parent? Perhaps a pet DNA test. Basepaws will actually give you a genetic make up, food allergies or their cats entire genetic sequence. The same service is available for dogs by companies like These services will give a definitive answer to the long asked question, “What kind of dog is that?”


Those who truly enjoy the company of animals long to travel with them. Keeping them safe and comfortable is always key when planning a pet and parent outing. 

Sturdy leashes and harnesses help give dog and even cat owners more control and safety when out in the wild.  Travel harnesses are extremely useful for smaller animals. Yudodo makes an over-the-shoulder harness that allows you to tote your tiny toed terrestrial. 

An overlooked travel issue is car safety for smaller animals. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed makes a protective car tote that adds comfort and safety to your small dog or cats journey. 


If one thing can be said of pet people it’s that they love levity. Jokes involving their pets tend to hit their funny bone rather hard. 

FitFrenchie on Etsy will sell you shirts that match you to your pooch. Like Schwarzenegger and Devito, these two will now be twins. will take your pretty mug, or should we say pug, and put it on a custom pair of socks guaranteed to generate smiles.

The Queenmore Brand makes some beautiful dog outfits. It’s their shark life jacket that is sure to make you laugh. Nothing beats the comedy of a puppy shark.


If you need more variety or perhaps have a larger budget, you can give a subscription to pet gifting services.

The popular service BarkBox helps you curate a bag of goodies for your friend’s doggie. Each month a new batch of gifts is sent their way for them to keep or send back.

KitNip Box allows your cat or cats to be entertained the whole year round. With toys, treats and of course a variety of nips, it is the gift that keeps on meowing.

Gifts For Pets & Pet Lovers

No matter which way you go when giving gifts to a pet lover, keep in mind that they truly love their furry family. 

Gift receipts in return policies may help because the specificity of each animal is crucial to their care. Don’t take it personally if your gift isn’t perfect.

They love all living things so flowers that are safe for their pets are always a delightful treat and a safe alternative. 

You can never go wrong when you give with meaning.