Holiday Gifts for the Family You Can’t Visit

November 24, 2021

Love knows no distance. We are never truly apart from one another when we share our hearts. 

Circumstances have made physical visits difficult in recent years. That doesn’t have to prevent us from showing our friends and family how much we miss them.

In this article, our expert holiday gift makers at FTD will offer their best ideas and advice on how to make loved ones feel near to you this holiday season no matter their location.

The Gift of Communication

Though we can’t be next to one another, technology has created the next best thing. We have all become familiar in the last two years with services like Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

For the parties you can’t attend try sending small gifts that will aid in virtual celebrations. Phone stands, or tripods can assist your family to engage in streaming video conferencing.

For a larger gift idea try the Google Nest which helps facilitate video calls with a larger screen and one step connect features.

If you’re trying to help an older family member with technology, perhaps the GrandPad is more their speed. This handheld device has larger fonts and easy to use applications that help those new to stream calls.

Video conferencing may not be possible, so why not send a visual version of you that can be enjoyed without the internet? 

Digital photo frames like the Pix-Star make it simple to upload photos of you and your loved ones. The frame acts as a virtual slideshow so that many selections can be viewed on constant rotation.

The Gift Of Beauty

In normal circumstances you’d be there to light up the room in person. Sending a bright bouquet or centerpiece in your absence can help ease the distance. 

Seasonal flowers in a stunning vase or perhaps a potted plant that will provide joy for seasons to come says you want there to be joy even without your physical presence.

Ask if there are any colors associated with their decor, or perhaps a theme for the get together. If so, giving flowers that compliment their choices help to show you are part of the experience. 

You could also help your hosts rebound from their holiday mayhem. Perhaps a basket of bath products, scented lotions or candles will show you know they need “me time” too.

The Gift of Fun

Great parties are ones where people are engaged with one another. You can help make that possible by giving games and activities even when you might not be there to enjoy them.

Classic games like Catchphrase or Scattergories always get conversations started. Newer games like We’re Not Really Strangers and Who’s Most Likely To bring people closer together through its gameplay. 

If you know a little more about their party you give more specificity to your gift. Custom bean bags for their outdoor games. Dart boards or chess boards with their hockey clubs logo. Ping pong balls are themed party favors to help facilitate activities.

Show your friends you can still be the life of their party even miles away. Hey, if you give correctly, they may even remember you being there.


The Gift Of Love

Emotionally significant gifts always pair well with physical gifts. 

When we can’t be there in person a handwritten note along with your gift or a keepsake of your time together can help bridge the emotional distance.

Giving the gift of a journal or diary with a custom inscription in the front helps demonstrate your desire to be with them and a part of their life in the future. 

Music and poetry also helps communicate an emotional message. 

The return of the record player makes for an excellent sentimental idea. Websites like feature Canadian artists and an abundance to choose from. 

Also, websites like allows you to send a glass mantle piece with a custom photo that plays the music from the Spotify app using QR Code technology. 

Services like these allow you to send the intangible in a tangible way bringing gifting into a new dimension.

Be There In Spirit with FTD Canada

Whether it’s a beautiful display, a visual representation of you or a game that brings laughter just remember it’s OK to show love from a distance.

Just because we can’t make the trek doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t with them. 

There will be a day again soon where we will all be next to one another, until then don’t be afraid to share your heart with those you care about. This holiday season, try FTD’s same day flower delivery service to send a special message across Canada. Your family and friends will thank you for it!