Saying Sorry with Flowers: The Perfect Bouquets for Apologies

October 12, 2021

I’m sorry. 

Showing someone you understand their pain helps heal the suffering they’re feeling. Saying sorry with a gift like flowers can demonstrate to your recipient that you not only understand their pain but took the time to send them the perfect gift as well.

What type of ‘sorry’ are you sending? Who are you saying sorry to? What type of flower says ‘I’m sorry’? 

These are the answers we will go over in this article. By the end, you’ll be able to show all the people you care about that you can help them through the toughest times, even if you may have caused their problem.

FTD Canada’s Top 3 “saying Sorry” Bouquets

Saying ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ With Flowers

Losing a loved one changes us forever. Across the world flowers have been associated with showing empathy. Perhaps it’s the sheer beauty of bouquets that soothes us. Maybe it’s that even perfect blooms are only beautiful because they, like us, are mortal.

Flowers for funerals tend to be either white or yellow. White roses are traditional and classic, while orchids and lilies are beautiful and represent peace.

Roses have also been an intrical part of funeral ceremonies for centuries. Red roses show love and devotion to the deceased, while pink roses show gratefulness. Yellow roses are typically given by friends of the deceased. 

If you’re looking for something more decorative wreaths or standing displays make a beautiful tribute. The circles in wreaths help to remind us that loss is part of life.


Saying ‘Sorry For Your Bad News’

It always stings when you’re disappointed. You may have lost a promotion, or lost a job all together. You may have just had a hard day. One of those disappointments however was met with flowers by a loved one, and let’s be honest, that always helps. 

If you want to simply tell someone sorry for your difficulties, the more color the better. They need hope, love and a reminder that things will be ok. Springtime blooms  with fragrant blossoms bring light and joy to the hearts of the downtrodden. 

You can’t really go wrong in this category of ‘sorry’. Try to match their personal taste. If they have an affinity for dahlias or sunflowers then that’s the direction to go. Flowers help to say ‘I’m sorry’ because they let the giver show they support the recipients goals and desires.


Saying “I’m sorry for what I did” with Flowers

This is perhaps the hardest type of ‘sorry’ to say. Not only is the person who is receiving the flowers sad, but you caused their sadness. This may be the most difficult ‘I’m sorry’ but also the most important. 

Saying “I am sorry I hurt you” is difficult to hear and equally as hard to say. Deep emotional feelings are tried to the colors red, blue and purple. These are colors that will help to express the earnestness that is necessary for an appropriate apology .

How big was the error you made? If the damage you caused was slight, a small plant can demonstrate your willingness to nurture the relationship back to health. A fresh start if you will.

If you caused a little more chaos in their life, a larger bouquet may send that grand message. Your goal when choosing flowers for your apology is to give your words a representation. 

Saying sorry to a romantic partner is always a delicate issue. When we know we have hurt someone who we are vulnerable with, it’s paramount to apologize and do it quickly. The longer rifts exist in relationships the harder they are to repair. 

Lilacs, tulips and roses are often connected with romantic partners and help to demonstrate your devotion. Alstroemeria and carnations also show love and are an alternative to a more common choice. 

When dealing with a romantic ‘I’m Sorry’, pair your flowers with a few written words. Speaking isn’t always easy, but a written apology and a bouquet of stargazers can get both of you headed towards reconciliation

Always Say ‘I’m Sorry’ with FTD Flowers

An apology paired with the right flowers shows remorse and thoughtfulness. Flowers represent hope, peace and the eternal cycle of rebirth.  Whether you want to show remorse or regret, these gift ideas can help illustrate your message. 

Finally, remember to be patient when apologizing. The heart is a muscle; it needs time to heal from an injury. Love is forever. Try not to rush matters of the heart.

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