Thank Us Later: Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Ideas That Wow

Fall is almost here, and Thanksgiving is the perfect way to welcome this new season. But come this long weekend, and all we can think about is a warm and elaborate dinner with friends and family. However, one of the most exciting parts of the celebration is the Thanksgiving flower arrangement ideas for the dinner table.

For all the flower lovers out there, we’ve got the news. FTD went looking for tips, recommendations and ideas to bring you the best Thanksgiving flower arrangement ideas to celebrate this one with jazz.

You don’t have to be a pro in artfully coming up with your unique floral arrangement. The below-listed ideas will give you a headstart on different ways you can bring the leaves, cones, pines and flowers together to create an impressive look.

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Ideas for You

Candles and Eucalyptus

One of the easiest ways to decorate your dinner table is with the help of eucalyptus and candles. Look for seeded eucalyptus available in most floral shops and arrange the sprigs along the centre of your table. Match them with some candles and fruits, and you’re done!

A Tall Vase Can Do The Trick

As a minimalist, if you’d like to keep things simple then bring drama to the dinner table with a tall vase. Throw in some orange flowers in a contrasting yet classy vase and match them up with suitable linens to complete the look.

Break the stereotype

Orange and yellow are not the only colours you want to rely on this Thanksgiving. Neither should you stick to just flowers and leaves. Instead, have fun with the decor by using light and dark tones in an impressive vase. Seasonal items like oak, thistle, brunia, and nigella, together with anemones, Caraluna roses or orchids can level up your display.

The pumpkin look

While some may feel that a pumpkin look is quite common for a Thanksgiving dinner, this isn’t true. It all depends on how you put your arrangement together. A classy combination of a pale fairy-tale pumpkin with blush-coloured rises can seem unforgettable. #thingoutofthebox.

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Don't forget the green look

This one might surprise you, but out-of-the-box ideas can level up your Thanksgiving floral arrangement. Instead of a monotonous fall-inclined setup, create a selection of green plants. Creating a green look will not appear overtly celerative, and you can always pair it up with other items like candles or fruits to create a mix.

get them into groups

Be in the same festive mood without being very monotonous by creating a variety of arrangements and grouping them in a cluster. Even though the flowers are from the same colour palette, a mix gives that perfect centrepiece décor – bold, bright and beautiful.

Be mindful of the height

It is exciting to pick beautiful flowers and sprigs for your Thanksgiving floral arrangement, but while creating your decor, be mindful about the height too. If you’re placing the arrangement towards the end of the table or separately on another corner table, then it is alright, but if your décor is for the dinner table itself, then choosing ones with shorter heights is your best bet. You want to make sure that people can still see each other from the other side of the table and the décor does not get in the way. 


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