The Art of The Thank You Gift

November 11, 2021

Good people still exist. They are the ones who gave a piece of themselves to you when no one else would. When someone goes out of their way to make your life easier, the words ’thank you’ alone don’t quite cut it.

Who do I give thank you gifts to? How do I give a thank you gift? What do I say and thank you cards?

It’s been said it’s just as rewarding to give a gift as it is to receive one. At FTD Canada, we believe proper thank you gifts will help strengthen your existing relationships and help build new ones. Below, you’ll find unique examples of gifts that show you care. 

Who Do I Give Thank You Gifts To?

If you think about the most memorable gifts you’ve ever received, chances are they were given to you in a moment you thought no one noticed your effort.

That’s why the best thank you gifts are given to those who don’t normally get acknowledgement. Mr. Rogers said it best, “Look for the people helping.”. 

We like to think of thank you gifts in terms of groups of people in our lives. Our teachers, our coworkers and our friends and family. 

Our teachers can be more than just those who educate our children. They can include our service workers and health care workers. In many ways they all teach us how to care for each other. 

Our friends deserve recognition when they donate their time to help better our situation. Those rides to the airports or those trucks filled with moving boxes deserve a special gift.

Our coworkers can help us put food on the table and a smile on our faces when we simply lack the strength to do it alone.

What Do I Give As Thank You Gifts?


Let‘s start with our teacher category. Chances are this category includes people who may not be in our homes as much as the other groups.

Gifts that bring joy upon simply seeing them are great for these receivers. Bright bouquets of seasonal flowers always bring smiles. They also help your recipient be seen by others.

Another suggestion could be a gift designed to pamper. Oftentimes those who help us rarely take time for themselves. Bath products, lotions and candles along with a thank you bouquet can encourage your teacher to take time off. 

Also, accompany your gift of flowers with a personal note. Tell them what their effort means to you and how you couldn’t do it without them. 

These words can be hand written or included with your gift, but your words will solidify your gesture.



You have the advantage when giving gifts to friends of knowing a little more about your recipient. Use that information when selecting their thank you.

Do they have an affinity for sweets? Decadent chocolates or baked goods from a local patisserie will always be enjoyed. You know their tastes. We rarely give ourselves opulence, so that’s what you are for. 

If they aren’t a foodie try an experience. Perhaps tickets to a concert they’d enjoy or gift cards to entertainment venues. Memories are made of moments. You can facilitate those moments with gifts.

When in doubt, especially with friends, you can go extra personal. Frame a picture of you all together. A reminder of your time shared says so much that words cannot.


When saying thank you to coworkers, make sure to conform to proper office moral standards. We should always feel safe at work so make sure your gift doesn’t threaten that. 

Small succulents or table top floral displays are perfect ideas in this situation. Gifts should remain smaller in size so they don’t take up too much room and could be easily brought home.

Another idea could include a gift certificate to the restaurant closest to your communal space. This would allow you to take them out for a meal to say thank you for their support.

The Heart of the Thank You

There are days it seems our society has become too selfish. That is why it is so important to show support for those who do selfless deeds.

Remember when giving your thank you gifts, no matter what your token of appreciation, make sure your words come from the heart.

A gift is truly special when it is given with no expected reciprocation. It is a true demonstration of your heart’s thankfulness. 

If you’re ever wondering if you should give a thank you gift, just remember how special it feels to be seen. You can never go wrong showing people they matter, so explore FTD’s gift ideas today.

Last but not least, be the person who makes regular thank you’s a part of your everyday life. It’s no mystery that people who thank others are rarely without friends.