Tips For Gifting To Millennials

December 1, 2021

They may seem difficult to buy for, but we have  solved the riddle of giving gifts to Millennials this holiday season.

They are analog and digital. They live their lives on the internet but remember a time without the web. They live half in the future, and half in the moment. 

They are the generation in between. 

Gifting for the millennial in your life is easier when you understand some of the motivators. We will help to target some of the wants and desires and make you a hero in their eyes. 

This article will help break down gift ideas by putting our recipients’ gifts into categories. We will organize these ideas by nostalgia, technology and decor. First up, we look back! 

Nostalgic Gifts For Millenials

Chances are your 80’s or 90’s baby longs for a simpler time. Lucky for you, the relics of that period are easily obtainable today.


Millennials are the last generation that collected hardcopies of music. That’s why vinyl records and record players have become increasingly popular. 

If your loved one is a lover of melody, try giving a unique vinyl record that you design using Freestyle Vinyl. Their site allows you to purchase songs, custom print a record and even design the cover art.

Crosley, the company known for record players, has made a hybrid Bluetooth capable turntable that will turn your millennials head. Affordable and portable, their series of products can take you back while keeping you present. 

If pethey long to own a hard copy of their favorite song might we also suggest Their table top glass display plays a song by pointing your phone’s camera at it. 

Film & Television

Many of us remember the posters of the movies and shows that animated our adolescence. They adorned our bedroom walls or were thumbtacked to our hallways. 

Now, you can have customizable art renderings or your favorite shows and films that match your more adult aesthetic. has created mid century modern renderings of today’s biggest media masterpieces. Shows like Ted Lasso or The Office are now works of home decor they can brag about. 

Another unique idea is which will turn your friends photos into a blockbuster movie poster akin to film posters like StarWars or Lord of The Rings. 


They were the first ones to learn how to say gif, so they may enjoy a gift with a little tech built in. 

Is there a content creator in your life? Odds are good that someone you love may be generating a great deal of photos and videos for profit or hobby. 

Lighting does more for a quality video or photography than the camera itself. Portable ring lights like the Neewer 20’ Light will set your recipient’s media apart from their peers. 

If they have a little more than a hobby in media creation, try a self tracking camera mount like the Pivo. Their self contained device acts as your camera man and allows your creator to go truly solo

If you caused a little more chaos in their life, a larger bouquet may send that grand message. Your goal when choosing flowers for your apology is to give your words a representation. 

Saying sorry to a romantic partner is always a delicate issue. When we know we have hurt someone who we are vulnerable with, it’s paramount to apologize and do it quickly. The longer rifts exist in relationships the harder they are to repair. 

Lilacs, tulips and roses are often connected with romantic partners and help to demonstrate your devotion. Alstroemeria and carnations also show love and are an alternative to a more common choice. 

When dealing with a romantic ‘I’m Sorry’, pair your flowers with a few written words. Speaking isn’t always easy, but a written apology and a bouquet of stargazers can get both of you headed towards reconciliation.

Life Hack Products

We all need more power for our devices these days. The right power bank can truly save the day. Now, Battery ResQ can not only charge your phone and laptop but also jumpstart your vehicle.

If your friend struggles to keep track of the gadgets in their life Tile may be able to assist. Their fleet of GPS tracking devices help locate anything you carry like keys, wallets and devices. 

Does your loved one love to share? TVShareMax is a portable device that allows you to stream from any device to a nearby television. Now all their photos and videos can be shared instantly at parties or gatherings.

Decorating Gifts For Millennials

For a variety of reasons millennials are spending more time at home. Because of these circumstances, their homes have become an oasis or retreat from the world. 

Ambient lights warm up any space and can add another dimension to your design. Light bars or strip lighting can be controlled by remotes and even timed to music.

Bring life into your loved ones home with the gifts of plants or flowers. Living gifts, as they are affectionately called, remind those who look upon them to be present in the moment. 

 Pots or hanging displays for indoor or outdoor plants helped to encourage people to change with the season. 

Another fun gift are unique doormats for their residence. Millennials love a good catch phrase, inside joke or reference. Companies like can help create or find you fun entry statements. 

Nostalgic Gifts For Millenials

No matter what you choose to give your friends, family or coworkers born in that delicate time between 1979 and 1995, remember they’ve gone through a great deal of change. 

It helps to remind people we care about where we have come from and where we are headed together. Take note of where they are in their life‘s journey and try to show you are seeing their effort.

Also keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to give people what they normally receive. Take a chance in a new direction you think they may enjoy. 

You can’t go wrong when you give with meaning.