Top 5 Gifts For Plant Lover Dads

Finding the perfect gift for dad that is both useful and meaningful can be tricky. From clothes and collectibles, there are endless things you can give him this Father’s Day. 

But what will cheer him up in the truest sense is a gesture that conveys your feelings. An ideal gift would be something he would love and reflect that you care about his interests and hobbies. 

So if your dad is plant-obsessed or simply has a green thumb, this list is for you. Below, we’ve listed our top 5 recommendations to help make his day special. 

Top Gifts For Plant Obsessed Dads


Self-watering planters

Whether he has little blooms on the porch or a kitchen herb garden, self-watering pots are worth adding to the family.

Compared to conventional holders, self-watering pots come with several benefits. 

  1. We’re absolutely in love with their efficient use of water. Since most of the water gets stored in the enclosed tanks, the evaporation rate is pretty low. 
  2. Unlike watering cans that cause water wastage, these planters ensure that plants utilize water effectively by absorbing only the required amount through the roots. 
  3. Self-watering pots help the roots enjoy consistent moisture levels. 

The best thing? Dad wouldn’t have to water the greens every day. Even with the rising temperature, his greens will have sufficient water supply and blossom effortlessly. 

Pro-tip: Think dad has a bunch of sows that need constant watering? It’s time to take the guesswork out of his plant care by getting him a self-watering planter this Father’s Day. 

Soil testers

Yet another thing that all plant lovers would prefer is to have a soil tester. With the weather getting so unpredictable, it’s best to know how plants are doing in terms of moisture and watering. Soil testers help monitor the soil conditions for both the houseplants and those out in the garden. 

Too much moisture and overwatering can damage the roots leaving them turning brown and drooping. Contrarily, a lot of dryness can turn the leaves from green to brown in no time. Soil testers help the greenies to monitor the moisture of the soil. All one needs to do is stick the probe of the equipment in the soil to read if it’s too dry or moist. 

Soil testers are a necessity for those who are just starting out and are uncertain of how to take care of different plants. 

Pro tip: In addition to measuring the moisture content, this meter can also monitor soil pH and lighting conditions. What more can he ask! 

Plants, more plants

What’s that one thing that plant fans can never have enough? More greenery, of course.

Yet adding some more greenery to the list can be the ideal gift for him. If he is into prepping up the backyard for the summer, then putting together a plant basket would be the best option. If not, you can take the indoor decor a notch up with some fancy additions. 

Here’s a list of houseplants best suited for indoors:

  •  American Exchange Cast Iron Plant
  • Peace Lilies
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Rubber Plant
  • Bloomscape Fiddle Leaf Fig Column
  • Philodendron Brasil
  • Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

From flowering shrubs to pothos and vines to the ferns, there are endless options you choose from at FTD Canada. Whether you’re looking for a low-light indoor shrub or a lush tropical plant for a sun-drenched corner of his workspace, you can find a variety of houseplants here.  

Pro tip: Choose our single-day delivery options to get whatever you need right at their doorstep. 


Plant stands

Who wouldn’t like nice-looking things to put their greens on? Plant stands can be one of the best things to lift up their space in no time. If your dad prefers vintage, leaning on a traditional pot stand could be the best choice. But if space is an issue, something more modern and minimal can do the trick. 

You can also shop a big, mid-century modern stand that stays low to the ground and fits just one big pot. Or perhaps like a bookshelf-style with a few shelves to rest a bunch of smaller pots. The best thing to do is consider what kind of shrubs he’s got and then make your choice. 

Another favourite at FTD are stands with rolling utility carts. This is an ideal option for people who love to fill up every square inch of the house with greens. 

Pro-tip: No matter what you choose, make sure to give him a stand with an open design to let light in. Also, a good stand should support a decent amount of weight and hold up to the occasional water spill. 

Bonsai tool set

The art of cultivating Bonsai and maintaining them has been a relaxing hobby for many centuries. But with great beauty comes great responsibility! While taking care of these miniature trees isn’t easy, there are many ways one can prune, shape and care for them.  

If your dad is someone who likes to play with his plants, especially Bonsai, a bonsai tool set can be a perfect gift for him. There are many different tools available, and you can choose a tool set depending on his interest and experience.  

While some of the most common bonsai tools such as the scissors, shears, pliers, knives and wire cutters seem to be enough, you can also include other ones synch grafting knives and big root rakes. 

Bonsai enthusiasts know how important it is to have the right equipment for proper care. 

If your dad is a beginner, he’ll be fascinated to see how much a basic bonsai tool set can help maintain the little tree.

Spruce up This Father’s Day with FTD Canada

There isn’t a right or wrong gift to express to your father how much he means to you. But getting him something he’s been holding back for a long time or a gift that would take his passion for the greens to the next level is the best way to celebrate this day. 

You can also send him a bouquet of his favourite flowers or a green basket with different seeds and flowering pods you think he’ll love to see bloom through the season. 

With FTD Canada, you can expect single-day delivery and have flowers or plants delivered to your loved ones within a few hours. So why not browse through our online collection of flowers and plants to express to dad how much he means to you.