Unique Gifts for Wedding Officiants

October 5, 2021

They are the people who guided you through the happiest moment of your life. They touched the hearts of every guest in attendance. Now, we can help you say thanks to the officiant who ensured your marriage went off without a hitch.

We pay so much attention to the best man and maid of honor. Yet the most memorable utterances are usually made by the bride and groom and the honored wedding officiant. 

Saying thank you to the officiant can be difficult when there are so many other details at a wedding. 

In this article we’ll guide you through how to select the proper gift based on your ceremony style and relationship with your officiant.

Selecting Gifts For Every Type of Wedding Officiant

Selecting Gifts for Religious Figure Officiants

They were there at your first communion or your reading of the torah. They helped you through rough seas and now get to be part of your arrival in the warm waters of love. You want to show them the same respect they showed your ceremony. 

When we want to show our gratitude while still respecting the relationship between a faith leader and their parishioners, carefully selected fresh flowers can send a beautiful message.

If you have a deeper relationship with your pastor, reverend or rabbis, perhaps a framed print of you or your family at their place of worship. Gifting them a reminder that they have been part of your spiritual journey throughout your life can truly be a gift they will cherish.

Gifts For Your Friend: The Wedding Officiant

Finding officiant certification online has become a popular alternative to the traditional ceremony. Many couples enjoy having a close friend deliver a more personal or even joke filled ceremony. If this feels more like your speed, their gift should reflect that unique experience. 

An extension of the themed gifts you’re giving to the groomsmen or bridesmaids might help your officiant feel included. If the bridal party receives silver keepsakes, try giving your performer a gold or platinum plated version of the same gift. 

Choosing a color correct clothing accessory can also make for a nice thank you. If your wedding’s colors are pink and baby blue for example, a silk tie or embroidered handkerchief can act as a nice reminder as well as a wardrobe addition to your recipient. Of course, you can embellish the gift with some exceptional dried flowers.

Gifts For Family Member Officiants

They were the first people we ever loved. The heart that beats in our chest pumps blood saturated in their love. That’s why your mother or father, aunt, uncle or grandparent demanded they perform the reading of the vows. They deserve something a little different than your typical officiant gift. 

Make a second or third copy of your wedding licence. Your officiant must sign this document in order to certify your nuptials. Mounting the copy complete with their signature within a colored frame that matches your wedding decor is a once in a lifetime gift for a family member who believes in your love. 

Another unique money saving idea might be giving your officiant a token from the ceremony itself. You might include a knot tying element or candle ceremony. Giving your family member one of the pieces used during these commitment demonstrations can show just how important their inclusion was.

Fun Gift Ideas For All Officiants

Are you part of a couple who wants their marriage to be an unforgettable soiree? Maybe you need an officiant  gift so original that you may be the first to ever give it! If this is the case, try these out-of-the-box suggestions. 

If you need to stand out, look deeper into the personality of your special receitor. Sunglasses, money clips, and custom glassware may impress them. Maybe a spa certificate, tickets to see their favorite band or even a trip to the airport in the limo you took to the chapel. These can surprise even the most perceptive individuals.

The Perfect Gifts

Whether you choose a unique keepsake or a token of your time together, when giving gifts to your bridal participants you can’t go wrong when you give with love. We all attend weddings to be part of life’s most beautiful act of devotion

Treat each guest and participant as what they really represent; witnesses of your love. Take time to cutrate it especially for them or let the experts at FTD Canada choose a gift for you. 

Your special day takes months to plan but will be over before you can blink. So no matter what you decide, remember to enjoy yourself!